Wealth Management

We are convinced that your wealth is an aggregate of values to be developed, preserved and passed on. Your banker is a single point of contact who carefully addresses your needs, with confidentiality and accuracy. We know the value of trust.

Through continuous, one-on-one exchanges, we listen to businessmen, successful professionals and families whose wealth has been created and passed on through generations. Our aim is to support them in their complex decisions, sharing their projects and aspirations.


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Our bank is the ideal partner to assist families in protecting their wealth and passing it on through the generations, as well as making financial plans. We are pleased to meet the challenging needs of the most complex wealth situations thanks to our expertise, our collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and the support of a selected network of highly qualified external consultants.

INVESTMENT SERVICES – Customised management

Our expertise in asset allocation and investment selection is provided by our management company Lux Gest Asset Management S.A. Our experienced risk management team enables our bankers to guide customers in selecting the most suitable management style to meet the investment objectives defined together and the related expectations in terms of risk and return.


A service of active consultancy team dedicated to customers who prefer being directly involved in individual investment decision-making, benefiting from our services and having professional experts on their side.


Our execution service provides private investors and family offices with one of the broadest investment product platforms, including access to global markets, selection of the best investment funds, structured products, alternative investments, trading services, treasury and cash management.